I am Mistress Faye,  and I want to show you that the world of BDSM and Domination can be an ongoing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating if you are a novice or just want to learn more about it.
I enjoy exploring your fancies. I am a fantasy Goddess with an exquisite, voluptuous, silky soft body and a sharp kinky mind. 

 If you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind, I will understand your deep wishes and can enact them with you.
Every session with me will be new and different. I particularly enjoy role-playing where I am a Goddess or a fantasy beauty from your dreams, who behaves exactly as she wants and yet also fulfills your own fantasy. I love acting and performing, but the beauty of my profession is that it fills me with real passion so I do not have to act: what I do comes naturally to me. I enjoy every aspect of it and you will sense this strongly when you are with me. I was born to be a Goddess and to be worshipped.

I perform at both a personal and professional level, and take pleasure in exploring and becoming a part of your fetishes and desires. When you visit me in my private place you will find plenty of things to play with and you will be able to undertake new adventures with me. I will always respect your initial limits, but if you are willing I will test and extend them over time, when respect and trust between us are firmly established.

Foot-fetish sessions are among my favorites. I adore stockings, shoes and boots and have many extremely kinky pairs. Sessions with me are erotic, sensual and strict.

 As a very experienced Pro Domme, I will always tailor them to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire and are ready for. While role-playing may involve inflicting pain, it is important to remember that the fetish and BDSM scene is largely driven by psychological play and mind control, and there are many many means to achieve those ends. For example, if there is a certain outfit you would like me or you to wear that would help set the scene, then don’t be shy to ask for it – it will enhance the outcome of our time together.

Please read through the rest of my website for further information to help you decide whether I am the right Domme for you. If you are seeking the services of a Professional Domme for play or punishment, I can guarantee extreme pleasure!